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Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass?

October 24, 2022


There are many adorable things that dogs do. They perform a lot of disgusting acts as well. Both or either, depending on the circumstance, are possible when rolling in the grass.


Dogs roll in the grass for a variety of reasons, but most of them have to do with scent. Dogs have keen senses of smell and use them to navigate their environment. They can utilize scent to track prey routes or to interact with other dogs.


Therefore, if your dog is rolling in the grass, it may be so that they can pick up a fragrance, mask a scent, or leave their scent behind.


Is it normal for dogs to roll in the grass?


A dog rolling in the grass is certainly acceptable and entirely natural. Normal for a dog, however, does not always equate to what is considered to be acceptable in society. In order to decide whether to promote, ignore, or redirect your dog's behavior, you actually need to consider when and where it occurs.


Why does my dog keep rolling in the grass?


There are numerous reasons why dogs roll in the grass, even though to us it may not make sense. By gaining insight into your dog's intentions, you may be able to determine why they are rolling in the grass.

Dog rolling on grass


1. Your dog is appreciating a scent. The incredible strength of your dog's nose should never be underestimated. "They are picking up on hundreds of delicate scents that we can't even imagine!", Dr. Austin said to The Dodo. They will roll about in the grass occasionally to appreciate a scent they have discovered there.


2. Your dog is masking her own odor. A dog might accomplish the same thing by absorbing the scent of the grass in an effort to mask their own aroma. In an effort to get rid of the aroma of their clean, recently shampooed bodies, many dogs, for instance, roll around in the grass after a bath (our pets may not enjoy the scent of soap as much as we do).


3. Your dog is relaxing. A dog can be drawn to the grass more if it's a really hot day. It may even be somewhat damp from a sprinkler, which makes it the ideal place for your dog to chill off.


4. Your dog enjoys himself. It's also possible that your dog simply enjoys the sensation of rolling about in the grass. As your dog rolls, pay attention to their body language. They may simply be taking pleasure in the soft grass's feel and the companionship of others around them if they appear at ease and cheerful.


5. Your dog is rubbing an itch. Dogs occasionally roll onto their backs to scratch areas of their bodies that they can't reach. If your dog only gets the odd itch, that's fine, but if it happens frequently or if it won't stop scratching and rolling, it could indicate a skin condition.

Dog laying on grass smiling

How to stop dogs from rolling in grass?


Generally speaking, rolling around in the grass is a completely safe activity. You do have solutions, though, if you're not keen on it—for example, if your dog likes to eat unpleasant grass and brings that stench inside your house.


Make sure it is not an allergy


Your dog may be rolling in the grass to scratch an allergy-related itch, such as one involving their environment or food. If so, you should take actions to address the allergens and alleviate any skin irritation, which should stop the rolling.


Look for further symptoms of allergies, such as redness or irritation on the skin, licking at the paws, biting at areas of skin, thin-haired areas, sneezing, or itchy and inflamed ears to determine if this is your problem. They may also be rubbing on carpets or other scratchy items like furniture, which you will undoubtedly notice as well. If so, we have veterinarians who can help!


Take Basic Training


Forcing your dog to stop rolling in the grass with positive reinforcement training can be very effective.


When your dog begins to roll, refocus their attention and behavior, and reward them with a treat or praise as soon as they stop. Since it teaches kids the behavior you do want from them, this is much more beneficial in the long run than simply telling them to stop.




Rolling in the grass is a cheerful and healthy activity that helps your dog take in their surroundings and enjoy themselves, with a few caveats for health conditions and compulsive behavior.


A dog rolling on its back frequently indicates that they trust you and want to have fun and play with you. Along with gazing intently at you, wagging their tail joyfully, leaning on you, and lifting an eyebrow, it usually is an indication of their good relationship with you. Dog body language can reveal a lot about our pets' emotions and how much they adore us.


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