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Why do cats meow?

August 27, 2022


Cats use their noises to communicate. Cats are intelligent animals, and they quickly discover that when they meow, you pay them attention and probably accede to their wishes. That's why when they want something, they may meow to obtain it - whether it's a reward, a cuddle, or anything else - from you. Your cat meowing can mean one of the following things:


  1. I'm just saying Hello. According to the ASPCA website, a cat will frequently meow to greet its owner when you arrive home or even simply to say hello if you happen to run into each other in the house.

  2. Pay attention to me. The desire for attention is among the most frequent reasons cats meow. They might just approach you, rub against you, and start meowing as they go about. Many cats will meow incessantly until they get what they want, as many cat parents are aware!

  3. I'm hungry. This meow is probably one that all cat parents are familiar with. Always check the food bowl if your cat won't quit meowing at particular times. If your cat is meowing, and its bowl is empty, then you know why it is meowing! However, don't immediately put food in the bowl; instead, wait until your cat stops meowing before doing so. If not, your cat will start to understand that they can meow and acquire food, leading to more meowing.

  4. I'm stressed. Consider any potential disturbances or changes in your cat's environment if you notice additional meowing in addition to the typical chatter you anticipate from your feline companion. A new home, a new pet, or a new child may cause your furry friend to become anxious. Therefore, be aware of any changes and make an effort to reassure your cat by giving it extra affection and peaceful alone time.

  5. To let you know they are sick. When they're not feeling well, some cats will meow. Unfortunately, it's not always simple to figure out why cats meow, especially if the frequency and pitch of your cat's vocalizations are odd. If your cat meows at odd hours of the night, they might be trying to alert you to a problem. Talk to a Pet Expert if he or she starts meowing excessively out of the blue. If your cat is acting in an unusual way, its meows can be a sign that something is medically wrong.


Naturally, as any cat parent is aware, cats occasionally meow for unknown reasons. Your cat may be meowing at night because the moon is out or because he wants you to switch the television channel. Your cat probably uses distinct vocalizations at various times with various meanings because cats have a wide range of vocalizations. Cats don't weep, but you can learn a little something about your furry friend by paying attention to the situations in which your cat meows or vocalizes as well as the noises he produces.


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