Top 3 Reasons Cats Love Boxes

Why Cats Love Boxes

One of the things we love about cats is their eccentric nature. They watch us from a distance, linger in cramped areas for hours, spy on you, and sometimes even try the sneak attack. One of their favorite hiding places is a box. If you have a box lying around and you haven't seen your cat for a while, they’re probably snoozing in there!

Boxes are generally safe havens for cats: it makes for a cozy place to hide, nap, or plan their next sneak attack. Cats also enjoy hiding in other tight locations, such as sinks, the backs of closets, and beneath beds. But why are cats so obsessed with boxes?

1. Security and Safety

A cat reacts to stress or fright by hiding or seeking out an enclosed area. When they are enclosed in a box, nothing can approach from the side or from behind them. Any approaching objects are directly in their field of vision. Cats use boxes as a coping strategy that offers solace and calms anxiety.

2. Awakening Intuitions

Each and every animal on the planet has natural instincts that direct their behavior. Even domesticated and well trained cats and dogs still maintain some of their ancestors' natural impulses. Cats are natural predators and conceal themselves before attacking their victim. They enjoy pounce attacks, and boxes make the ideal spot from which to execute a sneak attack. Hiding in boxes allows cats to stalk their prey and make the ideal pounce. Your small house cat enjoys acting like a scary, wild predator even though its "natural" prey in your home is probably your feet!

3. It’s Fun

Cats like being entertained too! They can roll around, leap in and out, play hide and seek, and pounce on objects or their owner's feet as they pass by. Cats love to play and these are all things they enjoy doing. Your cat can play happily for a time if you offer him or her a small fluffy ball, but if you give your cat a box, you've given them the best toy ever!

How To Give Your Cat More of What They Love

If your cat loves a box, don’t deprive them of their joy! The box doesn’t need to be fancy, most sizes are suitable for a cat. Get a box in the mail? Leave it open for your cat. They’ll be hopping in within seconds. Put some of your cat's favorite toys in the box along with some plush blankets. To make them feel cozier, you can spritz.