7 Human Foods that are Safe for Cats

For a Cat to Live a Healthy and Happy Life

For a cat to live a healthy and happy life, it is essential that it has a balanced and nutritious diet. In addition to the diet recommended by a pet expert for its age, breed, and health status, you can also give your cat homemade food. We recommend homemade food not be the foundation of your cat’s diet, but rather a complement to it.

7 Human Foods that are Safe for Cats

1. Fish

When it comes to fish, the best for cats is boneless white fish. Tuna and sardines are also highly recommended due to their high Omega 3 and Omega 6. Fish high in fatty acids support and shiny fur. But be very careful with canned fish. Both oil and salt are harmful to cats, so they are not suitable for them. Ideally, before giving the cat any type of fish, you should boil it or grill it without oil.

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2. Milk and Cheese

As kittens, cats love all dairy products, especially cheese, which provides them with protein, folic acid, calcium, and B vitamins. However, cow's milk has lactose sugar in a higher concentration than cat's milk. Lactase, which is the enzyme that breaks down this sugar, is not found in sufficient quantities in cats and can cause diarrhea. In addition, as kittens become adults, the vast majority of them develop lactose intolerance. If fed cheese, adult cats may experience digestive disorders, such as diarrhea or vomiting.

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3. Cold Meats

The vast majority of cats really like cold meats, but that doesn’t mean they can eat any and all meat. The best are ham and turkey, as long as they are low in salt. Avoid products like chorizo, prosciutto, or salchichón.

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4. Vegetables

Cats can eat potatoes and carrots. You can prepare a chicken mince pie with boiled potato and egg (eggs should always be served cooked, raw egg contains an enzyme called avidin, which has the ability to destroy biotin and cause skin problems in your cat). Although these types of foods are suitable for cats, they should be consumed in moderation. Give your cat only a little bit then divide the rest into smaller portions and freeze for later use. Avoid feeding your cat onions or garlic, alliums can breakdown red blood cells and cause significant anemia.

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5. Fruits

There are some fruits that are very good for cats, such as melon. It is an excellent option for kittens because it contains antioxidants and beta-carotene that take care of the health of their skin and eyes.

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6. Liver

Cooked liver is an excellent food. But when relied upon as the primary food source it can cause an excess of vitamin A and bone deformation, in addition to the risk of contamination by anabolic steroids. Consult an expert on how much liver to feed your cat.

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7. Lean Meats

Cooked lean meats like small amounts of turkey, chicken, and lamb are excellent sources of protein for your cat or kitten. Make sure the meat is cooked through and remove any skin and bones.

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For more information, talk to one of our Pet Experts and get customized advice.