Understanding PGN 131038 in NMEA 2000 Networks

Understanding PGN 131038 in NMEA 2000 Networks

When dealing with NMEA 2000 networks, understanding the various Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) is crucial for effective communication and diagnostics within marine electronics. PGN 131038 is one such data parameter that plays a significant role in these networks. In this article, we will explore what PGN 131038 is, its importance, and how Mavyn can help you with any questions or issues related to it.

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What is PGN 131038?

PGN 131038 refers to a specific data message used in NMEA 2000 networks, primarily found in marine environments. NMEA 2000 is a standard used to connect and communicate between marine electronic devices such as sonar, GPS, autopilots, and other navigation and communication instruments. Each PGN in the network represents a unique message format used to transmit specific types of data.

Key Features of PGN 131038:

  • Data Type: Typically involves transmission of specific navigation or system data.
  • Usage: Used by various devices to communicate important information across the network.

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Importance of PGN 131038

Understanding and correctly implementing PGN 131038 is essential for:

  • Reliability: Ensures that the data transmitted across the network is accurate and reliable.
  • Compatibility: Helps in maintaining compatibility between different devices within the network.
  • Diagnostics: Plays a crucial role in troubleshooting and diagnosing issues within the network.

How Mavyn Can Help

At Mavyn, we offer both AI and human expert services to assist you with your NMEA 2000 network queries, including those related to PGN 131038. Here’s how you can use our services:

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Chat with Mavyn GPT

  • Instant Assistance: Get immediate answers and explanations about PGN 131038.
  • 24/7 Availability: Access support at any time that’s convenient for you.

Connect with a Human Expert

  • Personalized Support: Discuss your specific issues or deeper inquiries with an expert.
  • Detailed Guidance: Receive step-by-step assistance for troubleshooting or configuring devices related to PGN 131038.

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Examples of Assistance Mavyn Provides:

  1. Understanding PGN 131038 Data Structures: Learn about the data fields and their significance.
  2. Troubleshooting Communication Errors: Identify and resolve issues related to incorrect PGN 131038 transmissions.
  3. Configuring Devices: Get help setting up your devices to correctly send and receive PGN 131038.


PGN 131038 is a vital component of the NMEA 2000 network, crucial for the seamless operation of marine electronics. Whether you are setting up a new system or troubleshooting an existing one, understanding this PGN is essential. Mavyn is here to assist you with both AI-driven tools and expert human advice to ensure your marine network is functioning optimally.

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For any questions or further assistance, feel free to reach out to Mavyn’s services. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of NMEA 2000 networks effortlessly.