Understanding PGN 131025 - A Detailed Guide

Understanding PGN 131025: A Detailed Guide

In the realm of data communication, particularly within marine electronics, understanding Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) is crucial for effective data exchange. PGN 131025 is a specific identifier used in the NMEA 2000 network to define the format and content of data shared between devices. This article will delve into what PGN 131025 is, its importance, and how Mavyn can assist you in leveraging this information effectively.

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What is PGN 131025?

PGN 131025 is part of the NMEA 2000 standard, which is a collection of protocols used by marine electronics to communicate information such as vessel speed, navigation, wind conditions, and other crucial data. Each PGN in the NMEA 2000 standard has a unique number that identifies the type of data being transmitted. PGN 131025 specifically deals with a particular set of data relevant to marine applications.

Importance of PGN 131025

Understanding and utilizing PGN 131025 can be vital for:

  • Navigation: Helps in the precise navigation of the vessel by providing relevant data.
  • Safety: Enhances maritime safety through the transmission of accurate and timely information.
  • Performance Optimization: Enables the optimization of vessel performance based on the data received.

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How Mavyn Can Help

At Mavyn, we provide both AI-driven and expert human assistance to help you understand and implement solutions based on PGN 131025. Here’s how we can assist:

Mavyn GPT

  • Instant Assistance: Get immediate explanations and clarifications on PGN 131025 anytime.
  • Integration Tips: Learn how to integrate and interpret data from PGN 131025 into your existing systems.

Human Experts

  • Custom Solutions: Connect with experts who can provide tailored advice and strategies for utilizing PGN 131025 effectively.
  • Real-Time Problem Solving: Discuss specific challenges and receive expert solutions in real-time.

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Examples of Using PGN 131025

Here are a few practical examples of how PGN 131025 can be utilized:

  1. Vessel Tracking Systems: Integrating PGN 131025 to improve the accuracy and reliability of vessel tracking systems.
  2. Performance Monitoring: Using data from PGN 131025 to monitor and enhance vessel performance metrics.
  3. Safety Alerts: Setting up systems to utilize PGN 131025 data for generating automated safety alerts in critical situations.


PGN 131025 is a pivotal component of the NMEA 2000 standard, essential for advanced marine communication and safety systems. Whether you are looking to integrate this data into your existing systems or seeking to understand its full potential, Mavyn is here to help. With our AI-driven tools and access to human experts, navigating the complexities of PGN 131025 becomes straightforward and effective.

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For further information or to get started with expert help, visit Mavyn’s website or contact us directly through our support channels. Let Mavyn help you harness the power of PGN 131025 and optimize your maritime operations today!