Understanding PGN 130934 in NMEA 2000 Networks

Understanding PGN 130934 in NMEA 2000 Networks

When dealing with marine electronics, particularly those that conform to the NMEA 2000 standard, understanding Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) is crucial. PGN 130934 plays a significant role in these systems. This article will delve into what PGN 130934 is, its importance, and how Mavyn can assist you in integrating this protocol into your marine systems.

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What is PGN 130934?

PGN 130934 is a specific data message used in NMEA 2000 networks, primarily in marine applications. NMEA 2000 is a standard that defines how devices and systems communicate on vessels. Each PGN in the network represents a specific packet of data, and PGN 130934 is particularly used for transmitting speed data related to water referenced and ground referenced speeds.

Key Data Included in PGN 130934:

  • Water Referenced Speed: Speed of the vessel relative to the water.
  • Ground Referenced Speed: Speed of the vessel relative to the ground.
  • Speed Data Source: Indicates whether the speed is measured via GPS, paddle wheel, or other sensors.

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Importance of PGN 130934

Understanding and correctly implementing PGN 130934 can have significant implications for navigation and safety in marine environments. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Navigation Accuracy: Accurate speed data helps in precise navigation and maneuvering of the vessel.
  • Safety: Knowing the exact speed relative to water and ground can prevent accidents and collisions.
  • Performance Monitoring: Helps in assessing the performance of the vessel over water and ground, which is crucial for maintenance and efficiency.

How Mavyn Can Help

At Mavyn, we offer both AI and human expert services to help you integrate and understand PGN 130934 within your NMEA 2000 network. Here’s how we can assist:

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Mavyn GPT

  • Instant Assistance: Get immediate help with configuring and troubleshooting PGN 130934 through our AI-powered chat.
  • Integration Tips: Learn best practices for integrating PGN 130934 into your existing systems.

Human Expert Services

  • Personalized Consultation: Connect with our experts who specialize in marine electronics and NMEA 2000 systems.
  • Custom Solutions: Get tailored solutions and in-depth troubleshooting assistance.


PGN 130934 is a vital component of the NMEA 2000 network, crucial for ensuring accurate and safe marine navigation. Whether you are setting up a new system or troubleshooting an existing one, understanding this PGN can significantly enhance your marine operations. At Mavyn, whether through AI-driven chat or direct expert consultation, we are here to support your needs in marine electronics and ensure your systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

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For further assistance or to learn more about our services, visit Mavyn’s website or contact us directly through our support channels. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of marine electronics with ease and expertise.