Understanding PGN 130932 in NMEA 2000 Networks

Understanding PGN 130932 in NMEA 2000 Networks

When dealing with marine electronics, particularly those that conform to the NMEA 2000 standard, understanding various Parameter Group Numbers (PGNs) is crucial. PGN 130932 is one such data parameter that plays a significant role in the communication between devices on a marine data network. This article will delve into what PGN 130932 is, its importance, and how it functions within the NMEA 2000 framework.

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What is PGN 130932?

PGN 130932 is a specific code used in the NMEA 2000 communication protocol, which is widely used in marine electronics for data exchange between devices such as GPS receivers, autopilots, wind sensors, and other onboard instruments. Each PGN in the NMEA 2000 standard represents a unique data point or a group of related data points that are communicated across the network.

Importance of PGN 130932

PGN 130932 is particularly important for its role in transmitting specific types of data related to the vessel's heading and network data. Here’s why it is crucial:

  • Precision and Reliability: It provides precise and reliable data transmission, which is critical for navigation and safety on water.
  • Interoperability: Ensures that different devices from various manufacturers can communicate effectively, sharing and understanding the data uniformly.

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How Does PGN 130932 Function?

PGN 130932 functions by encapsulating data related to the vessel’s heading sensor status and configuration data, which includes:

  • Heading Sensor Status: Information about the operational status and health of the heading sensor.
  • Configuration Data: Settings that define how the heading sensor operates and interacts with other devices on the network.

Example of PGN 130932 Data Structure

Here is a simplified example of what the data structure might look like when PGN 130932 is transmitted:

Field 1: SID (Sequence ID)
Field 2: Heading Sensor Status
Field 3: Configuration Data

Each field represents a specific piece of information that is critical for the devices receiving the data to function correctly and in sync with other devices on the network.

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Practical Applications

In practical terms, PGN 130932 is used in various scenarios on a vessel, such as:

  • Navigation: Assisting in the accurate determination of the vessel’s heading, which is crucial for chart plotters and autopilot systems.
  • Safety: Enhancing the safety of marine operations by ensuring that all navigational instruments are receiving accurate and timely data.


Understanding PGN 130932 is essential for anyone involved in the installation, maintenance, or operation of NMEA 2000 compliant devices on marine vessels. It not only ensures the smooth functioning of individual devices but also enhances the overall safety and efficiency of marine navigation systems.

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Remember, accurate data communication is key to effective marine navigation and safety.