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The 10 most intelligent cat breeds

March 22, 2022


Elegant and curious, felines are worthy of great intelligence. This can be measured by taking into account their ability to be trained, to adapt to other environments and to interact with other animals. The most intelligent cats are usually high energy, very curious and enjoy learning new tricks and interactive games.


There are difficulties in determining the intelligence of cats. However, considering certain aspects, it is possible to conclude which are the most intelligent breeds. So here we show you a list with which you can sneak into the first ten positions of the ranking.




This is one of the most intelligent cat breeds, stands out for its elegant appearance, it is very athletic and agile. It is an animal that has great self-confidence. It is attentive, playful and very curious. In fact, it is a great observer of its owner, who will follow everywhere. They also love to interact with the different members of the household, enjoy the company of other animals, and are happy when they feel stimulated with games and attention.




The wild appearance of the Bengal cat has made it a very popular breed. It is one of the most sociable felines that exist, to the point that some people compare them to dogs, since they usually have a similar behavior to them, given that they get along very well with humans and other animals, thanks to that their adaptability is high.


In fact, this companion tends to have a higher disposition towards play and pampering than other cat breeds. They usually quite enjoy each other's company, especially when the caregiver spends a lot of time at home since they are very active.




Siamese cats are one of the oldest and most popular breeds. This feline stands out for being the most communicative and talkative. It does not hesitate to answer us and tell us what it wants through numerous vocalizations and gestures. It stands out for its look, with blue eyes that are accompanied by a slender and perfect body to give it great agility. 


It has been described as a 'high demand' cat since it requires a lot of pampering and attention. If it gets bored, the Siamese will entertain itself by turning on taps, opening furniture or looking where it shouldn't.




This beautiful cat is identical to a Siamese, but with a longer coat. They tend to be very playful and get along quite well with humans. They like routine and can establish a high level of trust with their keepers or owners. Their communication is also remarkable, with a meow just as elegant as them and a little different from the rest.


Cornish Rex


They are very special, smart and playful cats who love to learn tricks and play with you. They are felines very attached to their owners. In fact, they are willing to walk on a leash if it means spending more time with their family. Moreover, you should bear in mind that this breed of cat does not tolerate loneliness very well. If they live with other animals, some people say that they get along very well with dogs, they will adopt the role of leader, due to their great intelligence, but will do it kindly. 




Burmese cats are an active, curious and friendly breed that loves to interact with people. These cats are intelligent, adaptive, playful and trainable. With early training, car rides and visits to the vet will be a piece of cake. They love to socialize and prefer to be with company, even of other animals. It is good to have them with a companion at home to avoid the loneliness and boredom that often leads to mischief. As they get older, some Burmese can become a bit too placid, preferring to watch rather than get involved in activities.




The Savannah is an exotic breed of high intelligence. Developed by crossing African servals with domestic cats, it is a hybrid breed that has kept some of its wild side in appearance and attitude. They need plenty of room to run, jump, and play. So they get bored quickly; they need enough interaction and stimulation.


This breed can go for walks on a leash, likes to play with water and loves to look in corners, drawers, cabinets or boxes. Be sure to protect breakable items from shelves, as these cats love to climb and explore.


Japanese Bobtail


In addition to its short tail, the Japanese bobtail is characterized as one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world. As can be seen in their alert and attentive gaze, these cats are full of life. They are very playful and love to climb, jump and solve puzzles. For this reason, they are easy to train and quickly become the kings of feline sports.


They also use their intelligence to be the center of family life. These cats are always aware of everything we do and do not hesitate to call our attention to be part of it. This is because this breed is one of the most sociable. They love to be around people, including our guests and other animals.




The Korat is a rare breed, they are bright and attentive to the world around them. Korats are moderately energetic and enjoy interactive games, but they also love naps. This breed can learn tricks, such as playing fetch and walking on a leash.


They can be easily taught house rules if you reward them with treats. This cat breed loves toys and often does not like to share them with others. If you provide them with a lot of toys, that should solve the problem. They love attention and are usually affectionate with people.


Havana brown


The Havana Brown Cat is a beautiful cat with a silky, chocolate-colored coat. It is a relatively rare breed of cat that originated from crossing the Siamese with other breeds.


They are usually intelligent, curious and talkative cats who love to socialize with families. They are moderately energetic so they prefer interactive toys and mental games to challenge them mentally and physically.


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