Supersets: Explanation and Benefits

Overcoming Training Stagnation with Supersets

Many people experience stagnation after a prolonged period of training. Our bodies adapt to our workout routines and exercises, and when this happens, it's time to switch things up. Experienced athletes often use diversified and advanced training methods such as drop sets, supersets, power training, and ascending and descending pyramids. In this article, we'll focus on supersets.

What are Supersets?

A superset is a workout where two or more exercises are performed consecutively with no rest time in between. This means you continue exercising until the end of the series, then rest and continue with the remaining series.

Superset training can be done in various ways. You can choose to train the same muscle groups or antagonistic muscles, always consecutively, either in bisets, tri-sets, or more. The key is to do no more than 15 repetitions per exercise and to take minimal rest at the end of the set.

Supersets are a demanding form of training that aims to maximize routines to develop and define muscles. They are also used for weight loss due to the high energy consumption they represent. Supersets are recommended for athletes who are stagnant and have not been able to progress in their training for a long period.

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Benefits of Supersets

Supersets offer several training benefits if done correctly. However, this type of training should not be considered as a main routine, but as a complement to make the most of the exercises. Here are the benefits that supersets can bring:

  • Increase of muscle mass, testosterone, and growth hormone: By training in supersets, especially with multi-joint exercises, we can increase the secretion of two very important hormones, testosterone and growth hormone. This is because our body increases the secretion of these hormones when a large amount of muscle mass is trained. This will lead to an increase in muscle gain.

  • Time optimization: Superset training sessions will be shorter since we will be training at a high intensity, but the results will still be great.

  • Increase in calories burned: The increased demand in supersets will help you increase your calorie burn. It will also improve blood flow and control glucose. Supersets can help you control your weight and lose weight relatively quickly.

  • Accelerates the metabolism: This is one of the reasons it is not only indicated for those who want to achieve greater muscle mass, but also for those who want to burn more fat.

  • Increases resistance.

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Risks of Supersets

Like all sports practices, if not done properly, supersets can have some drawbacks. While they are a very beneficial training technique, prolonged practice can cause injuries.

It's normal to cause fibrillar tears while working out, but when training with supersets, the breaks must be greater because our muscles will get tired more quickly. For this reason, we should train with this method for a maximum of 4 weeks to avoid improper recovery and subsequent injury.


Supersets are a training technique focused on working one or more specific muscles without any rest between exercises. They can help you gain muscle and lose weight by increasing the intensity.

However, before including them in your training routine, you should understand what supersets are, their characteristics, and the correct techniques of the exercises. This way, you will achieve good results without affecting your muscles or causing injury.

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