Manage the Cost, Time and Risk of DIY Improvements

The Dream and Reality of DIY

Ah, the dream of DIY: the satisfaction of being self-reliant and accomplishment. The reality is less simple. According to Angie's List, during the pandemic, 81% of homeowners took on a DIY project. The top reason for doing so was to save money, followed closely by the challenges of finding the right pro. While there’s the hope that DIY projects can save on cost, the reality is that DIY home improvement projects often end up being more time-consuming, challenging, and costly than expected.

According to the same Angie’s List study, “nearly 80% of homeowners experienced a minor or major mistake during their DIY projects, 47% reported that their pandemic project was more expensive than they expected, and 47% of those surveyed said their pandemic DIY project was more challenging than they had anticipated.”

Embarking on a DIY home project presents a series of obstacles the determined do-er must navigate in order to “get the job done.” Consumers and homeowners are challenged with the availability of materials, fewer products (from parts to new appliances), longer wait times for new products, and less qualified professionals to provide needed services, plus longer wait times for those professionals. All at a higher cost. This is driving traditional DIY’s and newbies alike to take on more projects themselves.

Information is Everywhere but Good Answers are Hard to Find

Based on the tele-medicine concept, Mavyn was founded to help address these and many other market issues. Mavyn is a simple web application that connects customers with qualified professionals or Mavyn Experts. Customers can chat, text, video-chat, or talk on the phone with Mavyn’s from various fields. Our experts are on standby to help solve a problem, provide guidance on a project or answer questions. The convenient functionality puts Mavyn experts in the palm of your hand.

Get Last Minute Help

Consumers and homeowners no longer need to schedule services 3-4 weeks out, wait at home for a qualified professional during a six-hour window, leave items on the ‘to do’ list, or pay high cost for in-home services. They can visit the Mavyn website, ask their questions or share a description of their project, issue or need, and within seconds they will get the advice of MavynGPT. In addition, they can click on "Chat with expert now" to connect to one of our verified Experts on demand.

How it Works

Once you have submitted your question and requested an expert, a coordinator will join the chat to assist you if you need any guidance while we get the right expert for you. Once an Expert has been assigned (this usually takes under 2 minutes), they will get in touch via your preferred contact method. Most Mavyn Chats take approximately ten minutes.

It’s clear that this concept provides many benefits in a dynamic and uncertain market. The easy on-hand technology enables consumers and homeowners to quickly address their needs at a low cost while also providing professionals greater breadth to serve the market with less downtime. In addition, the Mavyn web application helps mitigate inflationary pressures, removes some supply chain uncertainty through fix and repair, and helps mitigate risk by providing affordable on-demand expert advice throughout any project.

To get help on a DIY project, talk to one of our General Handy Experts and get customized advice.