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Is working out twice a day bad?

March 29, 2022


The question of whether training twice a day is good or bad is not something that can be answered serenely and simply. There are many variables that we must consider, that is, both the advantages and the disadvantages that this may entail, and obviously, if we have the time to do it, if it is feasible.


What do we mean by working out twice a day?


Many people think that it is doing two full workouts on the same day, and nothing is further from the truth. It's as simple as splitting your normal session into two workouts on the same day. 


Something to have in consideration is the time between workouts. You need enough time to allow the muscles that have worked in the morning to recover to some extent, which means you need a period of time to prioritize nutrition. You will find that less than 4 hours is too little, so our recommendation is going to be to leave a period of time between 4 and 8 hours between each training session.


As you can see, it is not something that is going to radically change the game completely. Before considering training twice a day, you should be concerned about your sleep quality, your caloric intake, proper training timing, and proper fatigue management.


Think of your training as if it were your job. The reason we take breaks to go to eat is to give our body and mind a break and this way, when we return to work, we can be more productive.


Advantages of training twice a day


  • Improves the quality of the workout. By dividing your workout in two, you will give your body the extra time to rest for the second part of the workout. Consequently, you will be able to increase the intensity of it. In the case of lifting waits, that would mean lifting a higher load, doing more repetitions and, also, a better technique because your muscles won’t be as fatigued. 


  • Improves muscle growth and increases strength. By activating each muscle twice a day, you literally double the amount of stimulation they receive. Every time you train, you give your body a stimulus that promotes increased protein synthesis and muscle adaptation. As a result, we will have greater potential to gain more muscle mass and strength.


  • Burns more calories naturally and more effectively. Training twice a day also means warming up and cooling down the muscles twice a day, this translates into greater calorie burning, which is totally beneficial if we seek to accelerate fat burning or define muscles.


  • Increases productivity. Every time you train, hormones kick in so you're more alert and productive at the time. Your body will also fight fatigue for a while after training. 


  • Improves sleep quality. Most people will find it easier to fall asleep because they put more demands on their body, so they will naturally feel more exhausted and will be able to fall asleep more easily.


  • It's easier to face laziness. Sometimes we feel a little bit tired and thinking about working out for 1 or 2 hours seems impossible. However, a 30 or 45 minutes workout would be easier to face.


Disadvantages of training twice a day


On whether there are disadvantages to training twice during the day, we could answer affirmatively, only if you do not do adequate training. Remember that this type of routine requires a lot of planning and experience in the exercises, so if you do not meet any of these requirements, we recommend you to contact a fitness expert or you will most likely trigger counterproductive results for your body.




With all this information, you could easily conclude that training twice a week represents greater benefits for the body, as long as we do everything in a more organized way. This type of routine is not recommended for beginners or those who are in the process of rehabilitation, since it can overload the body, due to the difficulty that this group of people has in controlling the intensities of each exercise.


It is a good idea for people that are trying to do more cardio and burn more fat. Ideally, we would train cardio in the morning and weight in the evening. Pay special attention to proper warm-up exercises, hydration, sleep, nutrition, and getting enough rest between training sessions.


For more information, talk to one of our Fitness Experts and get customized advice by submitting a request in our Mavyn app or Mavyn Fitness page.