How to step on roof tiles

How to Step on Roof Tiles Safely

Sometimes, you may need to climb onto your roof for cleaning, maintenance, or repair. This article explains how to step on roof tiles safely without causing any damage.

Clay and concrete are the most commonly used materials for roofing tiles due to their durability. They are environmentally friendly and highly resistant to fires and storms. However, unlike shingles, these materials can break and crack when too much pressure is applied.

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Tips for Stepping on Your Clay or Concrete Tiled Roof

Follow these tips to safely navigate your clay or concrete tiled roof:

  1. Ensure the roof is dry: Wet tiles can be very slippery. Additionally, use non-slippery, soft-soled shoes and avoid heavy shoes or boots.
  2. Secure your ladder properly: If possible, have someone hold the ladder while you ascend and descend. You can also use a safety harness for added security, especially for steep or high roofs.
  3. Step on the overlapped tiles: Usually, this is the bottom 3 inches of the tile. For wavy roof tiles, use the tallest points rather than the lowest.
  4. Walk slowly and distribute your weight evenly: Walk on the balls of your feet instead of the heels to reduce pressure.

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Remember, being on a roof can be dangerous. If it doesn’t feel safe, consider hiring a professional or seek advice from our experts by submitting a ticket through Mavyn website.