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How to get my dog to stop barking

March 28, 2022


Does your dog bark constantly? Maybe he just barks in the wrong places and at the wrong times. If you have a dog that barks excessively, the first step is to find out what is causing your dog to bark so much.


Many homes are faced with the problem that their dogs bark a lot and besides being very annoying to them, depending on the area, they can also bother the neighbors. We are aware that dog barking is very annoying and difficult to put up with when it is powerful and lasts a long time, so how do we stop it?


Why does my dog bark?


It is important to know that dogs rarely bark for any reason. Just like when humans talk or yell, our dogs bark to express themselves. Many emotions cause barking, which can be more or less loud and recurrent depending on the dog. These are some causes:


  • Separation anxiety. It is normal for your dog to bark when he stays home alone, and this problem is aggravated when he is very dependent on a member of the family. Check our post on how to help a dog with separation anxiety.


  • Boredom or loneliness. It's probably because your dog is bored. It is not uncommon for dogs to bark in reaction to their loneliness.


  • Stress. This stress can be caused by various reasons: moving, traveling by car, change of routine, new smells or the arrival of a new pet or baby…


  • Excitement. Our dogs do not bark only for negative reasons. A happy dog also barks! Have you noticed that your puppy makes noise when you get home from work, when you pick up your puppy's bag of food or when you put the leash on him before you go out? Your little furball is excited and wants to let you know!


  • Problems socializing. If your dog barks at other people or other animals, it is important that it interacts with them to develop social skills from a puppy.


  • Reward inappropriate moments. Applauding a bark or funny behavior from your dog can be a problem, since it can generalize it and do it in any situation. It will have understood that you like it, that is why it is convenient to educate a dog very well.


  • Fear. Another reason, which in a more exceptional way, can cause your dog to bark is fear. Dogs use their barks to protect themselves and defend themselves when they are afraid.


  • On guard. One of the most common reasons a dog barks is to warn. If your dog sees someone approaching the house, it will bark to let you know.


How to stop it


Here are some tips and tricks to stop a dog from barking that can be very useful to you. However, keep in mind that each case is special and some tricks may work and others may not.


  • Teach your dog the silent command. What you want to do is focus first on teaching your dog the "speak" or “bark” command. Be sure to practice this when the dog is not barking. Once the command is learned, you want to teach the "quiet" or “silence” command. This also strengthens the bond between the owner and the animal.


  • Exercise your dog. Doing exercise is recommended for dogs for a variety of reasons. In addition to taking care of their physical condition, sport allows them to release their energy and the possible stress that they may have accumulated. Consequently, it will have less desire to bark.


  • Distract your dog. Whether it's barking or you sense it's about to start, distract it with something it likes. Later, when it is focused on what you are doing with it, if it has stopped barking or has not done so, give it a treat.


  • Anti-bark collar. As a last resort, anti-bark collars are designed to stop dogs from barking. There are different types of these collars, and their effectiveness can vary from dog to dog. I DO NOT recommend any shocking or choking collars, however, there are others that vibrate or emit an ultrasonic sound.




Training is always the best way to correct your dog's behavior. However, remember that in most cases barking is normal behavior for a dog. You only need to take action when this becomes unreasonable and harmful.


If the barking persists, talk to one of our Pet Experts and get customized advice by submitting a request in our Mavyn app or Mavyn Pet page, they will be able to give you additional advice and even suggest other techniques.