How to Find Lost AirPods and AirPods Case

Apple AirPods: How to Find Them When Lost

Apple’s AirPods provide durable, authentic wireless sound for your music, podcasts, movies, TV, and more. However, due to their small size, they can be easy to lose. If you’ve suddenly realized your Airpod is no longer in your ear or they have mysteriously disappeared from their case, don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

Apple’s Find My service is designed just for these situations. It can help you locate your lost AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max from an iPhone, iPad, or on your computer. The service pinpoints their location on a map and even allows you to trigger a sound to help you find them. There’s also a Lost Mode, notification options so you won’t forget your AirPods and more.

However, Find My AirPods has limitations because it cannot work when the AirPods aren't connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth. Still, the feature can help you locate AirPods if lost nearby. It provides clues to your AirPods' location even if they're out of the range of the iPhone.

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How to Locate Your Airpods and Case Using the Find My App

There are several ways to locate your lost Airpods through the Find My app on an iPhone. Alternatively, log in to Find My on a computer.

Scenario 1: The AirPods are in their case, charged, and within Bluetooth range

Even though this is the most straightforward scenario to locate your AirPods, it isn't. Losing your AirPods or AirPods Pro while in their case interferes with Find My's most useful feature: the "Play Sound" function.

Since the pods are in the case, you can't utilize their speakers to play the sound that signals their location. You can, however, see where they last were on a map. This location is the last place you had them out of the case, hopefully where you lost them. This approach also works for dead battery AirPods, showing their previous online location where they last had battery charge.

  1. Open your Find My app.

Use the search function on your iPhone home screen to find the Find My app. If you have iOS 14 or higher, the Find My app hides away in your app library, not even on your home screen.

iPhone search Find My app

  1. Make sure you're on the Devices tab.

Find My can find many things, so ensure you're in the right place. Then, locate your AirPods in the list of connected Apple devices.

Find My app devices tab

  1. Click on the device to see its last known location on a map.

If you're far away from your AirPods' last location, the Maps app will definitely come in handy. Find My links right to the recommended route. Tap "Directions" to map your way directly to that location.

Find My app AirPods location map

Scenario 2: You've lost AirPods, but they’re charged and within Bluetooth range

If there’s a best way to lose your AirPods - this is it! If you lose your AirPods while they're out of the case and still charged, you can use the "Play Sound" function to make them send out their distress signal.

Of course, this is most useful when you've lost them somewhere in your own house, but it could also be helpful in a public place like a grocery store or library if you are okay with disturbing the peace.

  1. Navigate to the Find My app.

Make sure you're on the Devices tab and tap on your AirPods on the list.

  1. Click on "Play Sound."

Play sound will only work if your AirPods are in range and out of the case.

Find My app Play Sound option

  1. Option to play the sound from the left, right, or both AirPods.

Press the stop button when you've located them to stop the sound.

Find My app sound options

Scenario 3: You've lost just one AirPod - or both AirPods - in two different locations

Sometimes you take one Airpod out to listen to something in the real world and think you put it in a pocket, but it falls on the floor instead. To find the one, you follow the same steps as above.

But what about losing one AirPod in one spot and later losing the other in a different spot? So glad you asked.

  1. Open the Find My app and go to the Devices tab

Are we getting the hang of this part yet?

  1. When you look at your AirPods on the map, it will show the location of one AirPod first.

It'll look like both AirPods are at one location, but if you know you lost them in two different spots, this is just one pod's location. Map your way there if needed. It won't allow you to play a sound with just one AirPod missing.

  1. Once you find the first AirPod, put it in the case.

Refresh the map, and it should show a new location for the second AirPod.

  1. Map your way there.

Find your second AirPod. Reunite your AirPods. Breathe a sigh of relief.

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What if my AirPods were stolen?

If someone steals your AirPods, they can easily reset and connect them with their own device and Apple ID, even if you activate the Find My feature. Resetting them and then re-pairing those AirPods to a different device removes their location from the Find My app and removes them from your device list.

Once the AirPods have a new owner and have been linked to their device and ID, you can no longer activate the locating sound, update their location, or track them, even if they are nearby.

What if my AirPods are entirely lost?

Replacement programs for AirPods and the charging case are available from Apple if you can't locate your AirPods, and the Find My app does not assist in locating them, or they aren't in the last location. But you won't get the replacement for free.

Apple now has a fee-replacement option if you lose an AirPod or charging case. Apple charges around $59 to $99 per AirPod or AirPod case, with an exact retail price varying by region. You can also buy a standalone case for your AirPods. Yes, Apple sells AirPod cases separately as well.

The Find My app is your best bet at recovering lost Airpods. There's no sure way to guarantee your AirPods won't get lost, but at least now you have the information you need to recover them quickly. The sooner you know they're missing, the better your chance of recovering them.

If you need help with these steps, contact a Mavyn expert for support and troubleshooting resources.

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