How to clean your dog’s ears

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

You can easily find over-the-counter ear cleaning solutions or get them directly from your vet. There are plenty of options available at online retailers or at your local pet store. While you can follow the directions on the bottle, here is a detailed explanation of how to clean your dog's ears.

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Steps to Clean Your Dog's Ears

  1. Fill the ear canal with the cleaning solution.

    Your dog may resist having cleaner poured directly into their ear. If that's the case, use a cotton ball soaked with the cleaning solution. Gently place it in the ear and remove any obvious material or debris. Be sure not to push the cotton ball fully inside their ear, as it can force debris deep into the ear. Never use cotton swabs.

  2. Massage the base of the ear right next to the head.

    This will help loosen any debris or wax. If you're using a cleaning solution-soaked cotton ball, massage the ear canal and remove the cotton ball. Repeat this process until the swab comes out clean.

  3. Allow your dog to shake their head a bit.

    In-between and after swabbing, let your dog shake their head a bit and wipe the outside of the ear with a cotton ball or tissue. If your dog ever seems to be in pain, stop and contact your vet.

  4. Give treats and praise throughout the process.

    Make it a positive experience by giving treats and praise throughout the process. You can also use toys, treat puzzles, or lick pads to distract your dog while they are getting the cleaning.

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As always, contact your vet or one of our Mavyn Experts with any questions!