How do I know if my dog is pregnant?

How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant

Are you hoping for your dog to get pregnant? If so, you probably want to know for sure if she's about to have puppies or if it's just a psychological pregnancy. To help you, I will tell you what the development of dog pregnancy is and what are the signs that will indicate the state of your furry friend so that you can be clear how to know if your dog is pregnant.

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Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

  1. Body Changes

    It may seem complicated to know whether your dog is pregnant, at least early in the pregnancy, but there are some indicators, like swollen nipples, increased weight, and swollen belly.

  2. Changes in Behavior / Attitude

    Dogs are often much less active than when they are expecting offspring. You can suspect pregnancy if you notice a moderate to large change in his activity, like spending more time resting or lack of desire to walk or play.

    Pregnant dogs will often be much more affectionate.

    Look for your dog to start nesting, especially when the due date is near.

  3. Changes in the Appetite

    If your dog is pregnant, in the first month she will eat less than usual. So keep an eye on her for a few days to see if she really has less appetite. Do your best to ensure that she eats a very small amount throughout the day.

    But as time goes on, the appetite may increase, or it may be maintained until the fifth week, when she will have a much larger appetite than normal.

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How Long is Pregnancy in Dogs?

The gestation period of a female dog lasts between 58 and 68 days, but it can last as long as 70. Even then, from day 58 (more or less) you should start preparing for the delivery: for this, we make sure you have a warm, quiet room, with a comfortable bed, food and water, and plenty of towels.

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