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How big do Maine Coon cats get?

March 21, 2022


Maine Coon cats are the biggest domesticated cat breed in the world. Although it has extraordinary dimensions, it is a peaceful cat, with a sweet look, and its behavior is always friendly and playful, and despite its size, it is friendly and fun. In fact, Maine Coons love their masters and are very attached to them, they treat children calmly and they are considered one of the best breeds to keep in the family.


The legs of the Maine Coon are strong, muscular, set wide apart, of medium length and well proportioned. The legs are large, round and full of tufts of hair. In some specimens, these tufts are so long that they protrude more than 1 inch between the fingers. The tail should be about as long as the body.


Maine Coon Size


On average, a male Maine Coon is larger than a female. The size of the male Maine Coon averages 12 to 18 pounds while a female is 8 to 14. Male Maine Coons can reach a height of 16 inches at the shoulder, and females 14 inches. Both male and female Maine Coons can have a body length of up to 30 inches.


How long does it take until the Maine Coon is fully grown?


Maine Coon cats are fully adult at the age of around four to five years, which is later compared to other breeds. They usually reach puberty when they are one year old and reach maturity when they are between four and five years old. However, even after reaching the adult stage, these large but gentle cats continue to retain their childlike and playful character.


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