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Having a snake as a pet

March 7, 2022


If you are thinking about having a snake as a pet, you always have to choose the type of snake you want to have as a pet at home considering all the factors. A suitable and controlled environment is necessary for their well-being: a terrarium adapted to their size and species, suitable humidity and temperature, and stable light. 


There are over 3,000 different snake species in the world and their character depends largely on the species in question. But the origin of the snake also influences its character. If they are bred in captivity, they will be animals more used to the presence of man and being handled. While if they are adult snakes captured from their habitat, it will be more difficult for them to be friendly.


Snakes can be great pets if we understand and commit to meet their needs. However, if what you want is to create an emotional bond that is mutual, you must bear in mind that the snake does not show attachment to its owners, which creates a big difference, because the owner will be able to develop great affection, in part because a domestic snake can live up to 30 years.


Advantages of having a snake as a pet


  • They do not need to be fed daily.
  • They do not cause any allergies, as they lack fur and feathers.
  • They require a small space to live as long as it is adapted to their size, where they can feel comfortable.
  • They do not give off body odor.
  • They are clean.
  • They are docile.
  • They do not cause any noise, as they love silence and tranquility.
  • They do not need daily walks.


As seen above, snakes are low maintenance and If your way of being can be adequately complemented with the nature of the snake, without a doubt this can be an exceptional pet for you, since due to the minimum care it requires, it is ideal for these current times in which work occupations and daily activities prevent us from caring for other pets as we would like and it is necessary.


Disadvantages of having a snake as a pet


  • You need to learn about your snake to provide the care it requires having in consideration that different snakes have different needs.
  • You need to feed your snake and they often only eat living prey.
  • You need to keep the terrarium secured because snakes are escape artists.
  • You have to invest some money. Although they are not excessively expensive, you will need to spend some money to set the right environment for your snake.
  • Snakes can live long. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, you will have your pet for many years, but it will require your long-term commitment.
  • Snakes can get big. Make sure when you get a snake that you are going to be able to manage it and get the right size terrarium.
  • Snakes are not cuddly pets and may not be the best option for children.
  • Snakes can bite you. By treating them properly and with care, the risk is minimized. Still, we must not forget that they are wild animals with instincts.


When getting a snake as a pet, make sure you understand these bullet points. The worst reason to have one of these animals as a pet is to impress people. We must objectively think about whether we can give your snake a good life.


Snake care


Although the care of a domestic snake is minimal, obviously, it is also necessary. If you are willing to welcome a snake into your home, you should be able to provide the following basic care:


  • The snake's accommodation must be a spacious terrarium with good ventilation, it must also have enough closures to prevent the animal from escaping.
  • The substrate of the terrarium must be changed periodically to keep the environment of the snake in optimal hygienic conditions.
  • They need certain temperature and humidity levels. It is very important for the snake, we cannot place the terrarium in points that reach a temperature below 70º.
  • The snake only needs to eat once a week or every fifteen days, we will provide rats, fish, birds, worms... All this will depend on the specific species.
  • Vitamin supplements cannot be missing in our snake's diet.
  • They should always have at their disposal a container with clean and fresh water.
  • Snakes need an annual veterinary check-up, as they are susceptible to various diseases.


What snake should you get?


One of the most common snakes to use as pets are boa constrictors, beautiful snakes that can reach a considerable size. This is due to its docile character, the infrequency with which it defecates, the ease with which it is fed and the little need it has for attention.


However, for beginner snake owners, it is better to avoid large constricting snakes, venomous snakes, and snakes with more difficult care requirements. the best choices for beginners are:

  • Corn snakes.
  • King and milk snakes.
  • Ball pythons.
  • Hognose snakes.




Snakes can be great pets with multiple advantages, but we need to understand the long-term commitment we are making. For more information, talk to one of our Pet Experts and get customized advice by submitting a request through one of the following: