Fixing Toyota Tundra P2440 Error Code

How to Resolve the Toyota Tundra P2440 Error Code

If you're a Toyota Tundra owner, encountering an error code like P2440 can be concerning. This code indicates a problem with the secondary air injection system, which is crucial for reducing emissions. Understanding what causes this error and how to fix it can save you time and money. Here’s a detailed guide on troubleshooting and resolving the P2440 error code in your Toyota Tundra.

What is the P2440 Error Code?

The P2440 error code is specific to the secondary air injection system, which helps decrease exhaust emissions by pumping fresh air into the exhaust stream to enhance the oxidation of the exhaust gases. In Toyota Tundras, this code signifies that the air flow/pressure switch valve is stuck open on bank 1.

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Common Symptoms

When the P2440 code appears, you might notice several symptoms:

  • Check Engine Light: This is the most common and often the first indicator that there's an issue.
  • Increased Emissions: You might notice your vehicle emitting more pollutants.
  • Engine Performance Issues: There could be a decrease in engine performance due to the disruption in the emissions system.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Step 1: Verify the Code

  • Use an OBD-II Scanner: Connect the scanner to your vehicle’s OBD-II port and confirm if P2440 is the only code present. If there are other codes, address them as well.

Step 2: Inspect the Air Injection System

  • Check the Air Pump: Ensure that the air pump is operating correctly. Listen for unusual noises that might indicate a malfunction.
  • Inspect Hoses and Connections: Look for any cracks, leaks, or loose connections in the hoses that connect to the air injection system.

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Step 3: Check the Switch Valve

  • Locate the Valve: Refer to your vehicle’s service manual to find the air flow/pressure switch valve.
  • Inspect for Damage: Check if the valve is physically damaged or stuck. Sometimes, cleaning the valve can resolve the issue.

Step 4: Reset the Error Code

  • Clear the Code: Use the OBD-II scanner to clear the P2440 code.
  • Test Drive: Take your vehicle for a test drive to see if the code reappears.

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Step 5: Consult a Professional

  • If the problem persists after you’ve performed the above steps, it might be time to consult with a professional. This is where Mavyn can assist.

How Mavyn Can Help

At Mavyn, we understand how frustrating vehicle issues can be. That’s why we offer both AI and human expert help services. You can chat with Mavyn GPT for quick troubleshooting tips or connect with one of our human experts for more detailed guidance and professional advice.

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  • Mavyn GPT: Get instant AI-driven advice on common vehicle issues and diagnostic help.
  • Human Expert Consultation: Connect with a professional for in-depth troubleshooting and repair guidance.

By using Mavyn, you ensure that you’re getting reliable and accurate information to handle your Toyota Tundra’s P2440 error efficiently.


Dealing with a P2440 error in your Toyota Tundra doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and a bit of knowledge, you can diagnose and potentially fix the issue yourself. For more complex situations, Mavyn is here to help with both AI and expert human assistance. Don’t let vehicle problems slow you down—get the help you need today!

Remember, maintaining your vehicle’s emission system not only ensures better performance but also contributes to a healthier environment.