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5 exercises for shoulder pain

July 23, 2022

It's important to know that the shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in our body, thanks to the glenohumeral joint, which allows us to move in all directions, including flexion, extension, rotation, and abduction. However, this mobility can also increase the risk of injury.

Many people suffer from shoulder pain due to poor execution of certain movements, overexertion when training, or maintaining poor posture. Poor posture, in particular, can lead to shoulder pain when we bring our shoulders and head forward. This is a common posture that many of us adopt when using our computers or phones or engaging in activities like writing, drawing, cooking, or driving. If we spend extended periods in this position, we can end up with pain in the area. One simple way to alleviate shoulder pain caused by poor posture is to do exercises that help us bring our shoulders and neck back.

If you're experiencing shoulder pain, it's recommended that you perform a series of therapeutic exercises to improve flexibility and body posture. It's important to choose exercises that are low impact and gentle on your joints and muscles. This approach can help treat your pain and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. If you need more specific advice or guidance, feel free to speak with one of our fitness experts. You can submit a request through our Mavyn Fitness page to get targeted help for your shoulder.

5 Exercises That Help Eliminate Shoulder Pain

  1. Shoulder Mobility Exercise

This exercise involves making circles and moving forward and backward with your shoulders. You can use it as a warm-up or as one of your exercises for shoulder pain relief.

  1. Fly Exercise

To perform this exercise, bring both arms back with your palms facing forward. You don't need to go to maximum extension, and you can use weights or an elastic band for resistance.

  1. External Rotation Exercise

Keep your elbow and hand close to your body and bring your hand out without separating your elbow from your body. This movement is performed until an angle of 90 degrees is reached, and you can use weights or an elastic band for resistance.

  1. Wall Push-Up Exercise

This exercise involves doing an elbow push-up against a wall in a slow and controlled manner. The objective is to work with the muscles of the scapula and not so much with the triceps, so make sure you feel the burn in that area.

  1. Circles Exercise

Make small circles with your arm at about a 60-80 degree angle. To get the most benefit as an exercise for pain relief, do it slowly and don't allow your shoulder to move forward.

For more information, talk to one of our Fitness Experts and get customized advice by submitting a request in our Mavyn website, Mavyn app or Mavyn Fitness page.