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The dating game is rough out there. If you're a single dude in your twenties and share my pain, you need to talk to a Mavyn expert. So helpful.

Jordan G.


My matched expert was so knowledgeable and helpful! Right away she offered thoughtful advice to help guide me through a question I had about dating but was too embarassed to ask anyone else. She eased my anxiety and was completely judgment free.

Helen O.


My Mavyn expert was very kind, professional and compassionate. He was able to answer my questions and lead me in the right direction. Felt so much better after chatting with him.

Maggi S.


I'm newly divorced and getting back into dating felt so overwhelming. Had no idea where to start, what to do, or even what to wear to a first date. All of this came with uncomfortable feelings of shame, but as soon as I had a call with the Dating Mavyn all those feelings fell away. Absolutely incredibble service.

Julie G.


SUCH AN AWESOME SERVICE. After literally more than 20 very mediocre to downright terrible first-dates, I was looking everywhere for advice. I randomly found Mavyn, and my expert was SO helpful. I can stop telling all my 30-something single friends. 11/10.

Selena W.

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How do I set healthy boundaries in a new relationship?

Dr. Cheatham


What are the signs of a potential mismatch in core values?

Sebastien C.

Auto Mechanic

What's the best way to approach online dating safely?

Shelby C.

Certified Personal Trainer

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