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I tried Mavyn with some skepticism because I couldn’t seem to get an honest answer for my vehicle issues. Dealerships and local repair shops kept giving me vague estimates and unclear information. When I talked with an expert from Mavyn, he listened to all of my concerns, and asked specific follow up questions pertaining to my vehicle’s performance. He was easy to understand, and his recommendations were simple to follow. There were no confusing descriptions, no trying to get me to buy unnecessary products or upgrades, and no pushy sales pitches. Just honest answers and active listening for my concerns. I’m so impressed with Mavyn, and can’t believe I haven’t come to them sooner. Everyone needs to come to Mavyn for all of their vehicle needs.

Ryan W.


Mavyn helped me get a understanding of what might be happening with my car, they gave me options of what it might be and answered all my questions clearly and on a level that was easy for me (someone who knows nothing about cars).

Allie M.


Quick response and courteous. Gave me peace of mind about my vehicle until I can get in touch with the garage that did work on my transmission last week. Very pleased with the assistance and will use again.

Michelle M.


I love using Mavyn! I'm a single woman and clueless about cars so when I have a car issue I love knowing I have the car experts at Mavyn there to answer my car questions...I'm so glad I just happened to come upon this website one day while Googling! I've already posted and recommended them to my friends on Facebook... Mavyn is awesome!

Allison C.


It was late in the evening when I found Mavyn through Google search and received a message that I would be contacted ASAP. I woke up ON A SUNDAY and had a message waiting. Mavyn was very quick to get in contact with me and within just a few minutes was chatting with an expert via text (one of the 3 contact methods they offer). Mavyn is awesome!

Mark M.

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